Quicker. Greener.
Cheaper. Everywhere.

Kwik Charge offers “rapid charging” stations to transform India’s Electric Vehicle (EV) space and ultimately the Road transportation industry

About Us

We are a technology based organization with complete focus on providing sustainable energy solutions for EV charging infrastructure.

We are focused on Fast charging solution for EV’s and serve across the country. Our solutions provide simple, seamless and user friendly mobile app based EV charging experience for our customers. Our solutions are based on international standards and are universally applicable and can be used across various charger types. We are capable of deploying an EV charging station fastest amongst all providers thanks to our Al based technology, state of the art supply chain mechanism and vast partner network across the country.

How it works

For KwikCharge Member

  • Reliable, safe and economical fast charging every time
  • No anxiety of EV going low on power even on long drives
  • No time wasted; EV charging stopover duration can be fully utilized
  • Full control over charging spend, plus offers and cashbacks

For KwikCharge Franchisees

  • Monetization of front space provides significant regular revenue.
  • Walk-in customers from those waiting at your premises during recharge
  • Cross-selling services with charging(e.g. recharge and avail store discounts)

For KwikCharge Saas subscribers

  • Instant simplification of user registration, usage tracking, billing and power bill payment
  • Pay only for the software usage; no worries about additional software spend
  • Ideal for large residential associations of high traffic business centers with existing slow/fast EV charging points